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"PARALLAX" Announced

September 21st, 2023

“Parallax” is a science fiction themed album by Bending Grid. It's a double album with 20-songs of vocal synthwave music and features vocals from 12 amazing guest artists and Bending Grid.  The album was inspired by 1980’s Sci-Fi films such as Total Recall, Dune, Bladerunner, etc. and explores this theme.  Each song in Parallax was written to tell a unique story or explore a topic using a science fiction framework.  All 20 songs for the album are already written/recorded and are currently in the final mix/master phase. The Parallax project has taken 9 months to get to where it is today. The music is high quality, remarkable artists are featured, and the lyrics are original, inspiring, and fun.

The official release date has not been announced yet, so stay tuned for more release details on that.  Additional information about the album can be read below.

[NOTE ADDED 11/28/23:  Michaela May is no longer featured in the album due to technical issues with recording, her featured artist spot in the cover song "Blinding Lights" has been filled by Jolie]

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Bending Grid - PARALLAX - Album Preview

Bending Grid - PARALLAX - Album Preview

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The Songs in PARALLAX

1. Neon Heat (feat. Jolie) “Original Song”

A lascivious woman prowls a futuristic cyberpunk city searching for her mate in neon ridden bars and nightclubs. She’s in a state of “neon heat” and hopeful for the best dance she’s ever had. The song paints a poignant picture of human emotions set in a cold, futuristic world where technology reigns supreme, but the basic human needs for connection, intimacy, and understanding remain unchanged. The cyberpunk setting serves as both a backdrop and a metaphor for the complexities and challenges of seeking genuine human connections in an increasingly digital and disconnected age.

Music by Bending Grid. Lyrics by Bending Grid and Jolie. Vocals by Jolie.

2. Party In My Time Machine (feat. Jolie) “Original Song”

The song explores themes of escapism, nostalgia, and revelry with a futuristic twist. It blends the idea of time travel (and inferred suggestion) with the euphoria of a party, implying the possibility to revisit past moments or anticipate the future while in a state of jubilation. It conveys a sense of desire to relive our best moments, to be present in them, and to continue celebrating life, regardless of the time or era.

Music by Bending Grid. Lyrics by Bending Grid and Jolie. Vocals by Jolie.

3. Transmissions (feat. Kero) “Original Song”

The song was inspired by the sci-fi film Sunshine. It’s a tale of two individuals facing insurmountable odds together, embracing the present moment, their bond, and the duality of life and death. Their journey seems to transcend the immediate and touches upon cosmic themes, implying that their bond or story is grander than the immediate challenges they face.

Music by Bending Grid. Lyrics by Kero. Vocals by Kero.

4. Lost In Space (feat. Violet Fears) “Original Song”

The song evokes emotions of someone feeling lost and adrift, metaphorically “in space”, yearning for a sense of belonging and direction. The space and cosmic references enhance the vastness and profoundness of these feelings. It is a poignant exploration of human emotions, existential questions, and the universal desire for connection and belonging.

Music by Bending Grid. Lyrics by Bending Grid and Andrew O’Halloran. Vocals by Violet Fears.

5. Vampires (feat. Teya Flow) “Cover Song”

The song meditates on the fleeting nature of human interactions, the moments of connection amidst isolation, and the existential journey from birth to death. The narrative emphasizes both the transitory moments of beauty and connection and the overarching solitude and impermanence of existence.

Music by The Midnight. Cover music by Bending Grid. Lyrics by The Midnight. Vocals by Teya Flow.

6. Mecha War Rendezvous (feat. Jolie) “Original Song”

Imagine giant mechanized battles between two warring factions. Soldiers wear powerful mecha exo-suit power armor. The song tells a story of a female soldier from one side who is in love with a man from the opposing side. Their love is forbidden, but their complex relationship is unstoppable. It’s a play on the Romeo and Juliet theme with a science fiction twist and illustrates the age-old tale of love amidst adversity using futuristic backdrop. The song touches upon the challenges of choosing between duty and personal feelings, emphasizing the power of love to endure even in the most challenging circumstances.

Music by Bending Grid. Lyrics by Bending Grid and Jolie. Vocals by Jolie.

7. The Beast That Follows (feat. By Forever) “Original Song”

The song paints an intense chase scenario within a futuristic cybernetic setting. The feeling of imminent danger is juxtaposed with elements of science fiction and technological dread. It illustrates the complexities of a high-tech future, where digital threats merge with physical ones, and the act of escaping or surviving becomes a continuous endeavor. It highlights the duality of technology, where advancements can lead to both opportunities and unprecedented dangers. The song serves as a cautionary tale, urging listeners to be wary of the unseen threats that lurk in the shadows of progress.

Music by Bending Grid. Lyrics by Andrew O’Halloran and Bending Grid. Vocals by By Forever.

8. Blinding Lights (feat. Jolie) “Cover Song” [Edited 11/28/23]

The song navigates the tension between the external world (the city, the lights, the night) and their inner emotional turmoil. They deeply miss someone, and the bustling environment around them only amplifies their loneliness. The repeated refrain about being "blinded by the lights" can be understood both literally (the overwhelming lights of a city or party) and metaphorically (being overwhelmed by distractions or life's challenges).

Music by The Weeknd. Cover music by Bending Grid. Lyrics by The Weeknd. Vocals by Michaela May.

9. Rad Warrior (feat. Berzan Önen) “Original Song”

The song depicts a post-apocalyptic setting and tells the story of a mysterious, formidable figure known as the "Rad Warrior." The song blends elements of retro futurism, especially reminiscent of the 1980s style and themes, with dystopian narrative tropes. It captures the spirit of a post-apocalyptic world where life is harsh, survival is paramount, and legends are born from the ashes of the old world. The Rad Warrior emerges as a symbol of resilience, power, and mystery in this new era. The blend of dystopian imagery with 80s aesthetic gives the song a unique flavor, marrying themes of survival with retro-futurism.

Music by Bending Grid. Lyrics by Bending Grid. Vocals by Berzan Önen.

10. Locket (feat. Bending Grid) “Cover Song”

The overall tone of the song is melancholic, contemplative, and introspective. It speaks to the universal themes of the passage of time, the need for introspection, the weight of hidden emotions, and the contrasting feelings of protection and confinement we find in familiar surroundings.

Music by Crumb. Cover music by Bending Grid. Lyrics by Crumb. Vocals by Bending Grid.

11. Aeons End (feat. The Safety Word) “Original Song”

The song speaks about humans being used or exploited by greater powers, implying superior beings or a system. It hints at the idea that reality as perceived might be an illusion or a constructed reality, much like the concept of the "Matrix" from popular culture. Throughout the song, there's a strong emphasis on breaking free from this oppression and control. This liberation involves three distinct stages of destruction, indicating a process or a journey to freedom. The song highlights the significance of triumphing over deceit and oppressive forces. The ultimate goal is to achieve genuine freedom and return to a state where love is the dominating force. In essence, the song is about resisting control, seeking the truth, and striving for a world based on love and freedom.

Music by Bending Grid. Lyrics by The Safety Word. Vocals by The Safety Word.

12. Retrospace (feat. Jolie) “Original Song”

The song blends nostalgic 80s imagery with themes of passionate romance, resulting in a song that evokes feelings of vintage escapism and love. It celebrates a love that feels both vintage and timeless, connecting two souls deeply. By incorporating references from 80s pop culture, the song not only provides a sense of nostalgia but also captures the intense and magical feelings that come with a passionate romance. The repeated theme of "retrospace" signifies a world where love feels pure, intense, and untainted by modern complexities.

Music by Bending Grid. Lyrics by Bending Grid and Jolie. Vocals by Jolie.

13. Hypersleep (feat. Teya Flow) “Original Song”

The song portrays a journey from unfulfillment and disconnection to a realization of the importance of genuine emotions and experiences. It underscores the dangers of complacency and challenges listeners to seek authenticity in a world mired in artificiality. The song serves as a reminder that genuine connection and emotion are invaluable, urging individuals to wake up from “hyper-sleep” and seek depth in their lives.

Music by Bending Grid. Lyrics by Teya Flow and Bending Grid. Vocals by Teya Flow.

14. Rhythm Is Gonna Get You (feat. Roxi Drive) “Cover Song”

The song revolves around the infectious and inescapable nature of rhythm and music. It metaphorically portrays rhythm as an unstoppable force that ensnares individuals regardless of their attempts to resist. It acts as a metaphor for the emotions, sensations, and memories that music can evoke, emphasizing its universal and irresistible appeal. Whether we actively seek it out or try to avoid it, music and its rhythm have the power to affect us deeply.

Music by Gloria Estefan. Cover music by Bending Grid. Lyrics by Gloria Estefan. Vocals by Roxi Drive. Backing vocals by Bending Grid.

15. In Love With An Android (feat. Berzan Önen) “Original Song”

The song grapples with the blurred boundaries between humans and machines, particularly in a future where androids, possessing artificial intelligence, are almost indistinguishable from humans in terms of cognition and emotion. The song delves into the emotional complexities of a human-android relationship and the paradoxical nature of such a bond. It presents a future where emotions and relationships aren't constrained by the boundaries of organic life. It explores the nature of love and asks: Can it exist beyond the organic, and if so, what does that love look like?

Music by Bending Grid. Lyrics by Bending Grid. Vocals by Berzan Önen. Backing vocals by Kaarin Zoe Lee.

16. Cybercity Red Lights (feat. Gülşah Brett) “Original Song”

Inspired by the song “Roxanne” by Sting, which was written from the point of view of a man who falls in love with a "working girl".  The song "Cybercity Red Lights" takes that theme in a different direction. The story is told from the female worker's perspective, while also being set in a cyber-city of the future. It also provides commentary on the allure, beauty, and potential dangers of digital relationships in a technology-dominated age. Painting a picture of a world where human emotions intersect with technology, creating a space of both wonder and caution.

Music by Bending Grid. Lyrics by Bending Grid and Andrew O’Halloran. Vocals by Gülşah Brett.

17. Shapeshifter (feat. Jolie) “Original Song”

The song dives into the realm of futuristic sci-fi, introducing the theme of a shapeshifting entity who can take on various forms and identities. The concept combines both the biological (changing forms) and the technological (synthetic skin, cybernetic eyes) to create a vision of a future where the shapeshifter’s identity is fluid and ever-changing. Its identity can be easily altered, resulting in a being that is omnipresent yet elusive. The song raises questions about the nature of identity and the role of technology in shaping our perception of self and others.

Music by Bending Grid. Lyrics by Bending Grid, Jolie, and Andrew O’Halloran. Vocals by Jolie.

18. Deep Blue (feat. Lucy Dreams) “Original Song”

Inspired by the 1989 film "The Abyss", this song delves into the captivating allure and mystique of an underwater realm, painting a picture of a hidden, mythical world beneath the ocean's surface. The essence of the song is the enchantment and awe one feels when encountering the unknown wonders of the deep sea. Imagery evokes vibrant, fantastical sea creatures, with the ol’ "Sea Mare" being a whimsical tavern or gathering place for these beings. In essence, this song tells a tale of discovery, wonder, and connection. It showcases the allure of the unknown and emphasizes the beauty and magic that can be found when one ventures into unexplored territories. It's also a tribute to the rich tapestry of myths and stories humans have crafted about the mysterious depths of the oceans.

Music by Bending Grid. Lyrics by Bending Grid, Lucy Dreams and Andrew O’Halloran. Vocals by Lucy Dreams.

19. Elon For President (Of Mars) (feat. Gülşah Brett) “Original Song”

The song paints vivid imagery of space exploration, hope, and a future led by technological advancements. It celebrates the pioneering spirit of space exploration, with a particular focus on SpaceX and Elon Musk's vision for a human colony on Mars.  The song describes the journey as not just a physical one, but also a journey of hope, dreams, and finding new purpose. The lyrics encapsulate a futuristic optimism, embracing the challenges and the unknowns of space while looking forward to a new chapter for humanity. Jokingly the song title teases at Elon Musk running for president, but for Mars instead of the United States.

Music by Bending Grid. Lyrics by Bending Grid and Andrew O’Halloran. Vocals by Gülşah Brett. Backing vocals by Bending Grid.

20. The Universe Within (feat. The Safety Word) “Original Song”

The song encourages introspection, a deep connection with the universe, and the realization of our infinite essence. It invites listeners to look beyond the distractions of daily life and understand the broader, cosmic picture, emphasizing the interconnectedness of all things and the cyclical nature of existence.

Music by Bending Grid. Lyrics by The Safety Word. Vocals by The Safety Word.

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