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Bending Grid Halloween Themed Cover Song Announced

September 1, 2022

Bending Grid will be releasing his cover version of Rockwell’s song; “Somebody’s Watching Me”, on Friday September 30th 2022, so watch your back this Halloween season as eyes lurk in the shadows…  This will be Bending Grid’s first release featuring his own vocals (in humorous form) and is accompanied by profound vocals performed by Frida Bollani Magoni.

Bending Grid is an Independent Electronic Musician from Summerville, South Carolina, focusing on the Synthwave, Retrowave, and Popwave genres. His musical, lyrical, and visual storytelling is set to captivate audiences in unexpected ways.  He collaborated with Jimmy Brixton and released the single "7 Days A Week (Bending Grid Rework)" in June 2022, which was shortly followed by Bending Grid’s debut self-titled EP in July, 2022. Three music videos were released in tandem, including the nostalgic and highly popular music video “Love Arcade”.

Frida Bollani Magoni is a promising young Italian artist. She recently released her debut album “Primo tour” showcasing interpretations of songs that move her: from Sting to Britney Spears, from Dalla to Leonard Cohen, and this summer she toured throughout Europe to perform it live.  Despite only turning 18 this September, 2022 she already receives sincere acclaim.  So much so that she won the Targa Mei 2022 as the best debut of the year. Visually impaired from birth, she feels music in her own way. She has performed in important places, for example at the Ariston Theater, on the Tenco Prize in 2019, and last year at the Quirinale.  Somebody’s Watching Me (feat. Frida BM) will be the first release of her adult career.

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